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DSEAC – An Introduction
Southeast Asia, nestled in the shadows of the world’s two most populous countries, is one of the most cultural, ethnic, and religious diverse regions in the world. Within its expansive boundaries, it houses some of the largest centers for Buddhist worship and is also home to the largest Muslim country
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Submissions to DSEAC
Subjects As you choose a subject, please take into account the following guidelines: Please read the Vision of DSEAC to ensure any submissions to the website conform to the principles and boundaries listed Subjects whose stories already appear in the DSEAC will not be considered, although recommended corrections to such works are welcomed.
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Building a Plane While Flying It
DSEAC is much more of a work in progress, then a completed project. Currently, it aims to build a board of Christians from throughout Southeast Asia to help with submissions and provide overview and guidance to the sight.
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Help Wanted
One individual cannot accomplish a project of this magnitude. DSEAC desires to bring a Christian community of scholars, experts, and practitioners throughout SE Asia together so this site may become a resource for Christians and others in SE Asia.
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