DSEAC – An Introduction

Southeast Asia, nestled in the shadows of the world’s two most populous countries, is one of the most cultural, ethnic, and religious diverse regions in the world. Within its expansive boundaries, it houses some of the largest centers for Buddhist worship and is also home to the largest Muslim country (Indonesia) in the world. When Christianity reached SE Asia (mostly through Nestorian missionaries), it found itself already in a crowded arena. Over the years, through Catholic and Protestant missionaries as well as indigenous believers, Christianity has carved out a niche of its own right within this theater that deserves further study.

How do we define DSEAC? 

DSEAC or A Dictionary of Southeast Asian Christianity is primarily a collaborative historical project which aims to provide resources of study for religious and secular use. We invite others to join in this project, by joining our team and through submissions of articles and other works.

What are its geographical limits? 

To have some delineation, DSEAC strives to focus on countries and people groups within ASEAN countries. However, some regions which border these countries (e.g. Yunnan, China or northeast India) may also have some natural overlap.

Why is the focus on Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) Christianity?

Currently, this is a test project which has further aims. The director of this project has done extensive research on Christianity in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) and has started on this foundation. As the project grows, the desire is to expand to other countries and people groups.

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