Submission Policy


As you choose a subject, please take into account the following guidelines:

  1. Please read the vision of DSEAC to ensure any submissions to the website conform to the principles and boundaries listed.
  2. Subjects whose stories already appear in the DSEAC will typically not be considered, although recommended corrections to such works are welcomed. Please check DSEAC archives to ensure a topic has not already been covered.
  3. Subjects are not limited to biographies of individuals but also to histories of Christian projects, ministries, denominations and etc.
  4. DSEAC strongly encourages submissions to be diverse including women and local indigenous workers and ministries.
  5. DSEAC intends to be a repository of Southeast Asian Christianity histories. DSEAC publishes the stories of nonliving subjects. Submissions of living subjects will be kept on file for future use.

Entry Submissions

  1. Submit to the DSEAC editor ( For proper credit to be given to you as a contributor, please include:
    • Your name and address
    • Name and address of institution(s) with which you are affiliated, and your title.
    • Name(s) of other individual(s) responsible for research.
  2. All stories submitted will be edited at the discretion of the editorial team to conform to DSEAC policies.
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