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Edna Sarah Cole [Missionary to Thailand for 45 Years] (Died – 23 Nov 1950)
Edna Cole served for over forty-five years in Thailand as a Presbyterian missionary. To learn more about Edna Cole, click here.
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Rev. Cephas Bennett (Missionary to Burma for 53 Years) (Died – 16 Nov 1885)
On 16 November 1885, Cephas Bennet died in his home in Rangoon, Burma. Cephas was an outstanding American Baptist missionary who served in Burma for over fifty-five years as a missionary printer, teacher and pastor. His wife, Stella Bennet, sacrificially served alongside Cephas to great credit.   You can read
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Laura Hardin [Carson] Arrives in Rangoon (24 Nov 1883)
On 24 Nov 1883, Laura Hardin who later married Arthur Carson in Burma arrived in Rangoon. Laura would along with her husband would go on to do pioneer mission work among the Chin people of Northwest Burma. After her husband’s death, she continued to work among the Chin until 1920.
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Kincaid and Mason Families Arrive in Maulmein (28 Nov 1830)
Eugenio and Almy Kincaid alongside Francis and Helen Mason arrived in Maulmein, Burma.
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Revised Burmese New Testament Completed (14 Nov 1829)
On 14 November 1829, Adoniram Judson finished his revised translation of the New Testament
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Adoniram Judson Leads First Burmese Prayer Meeting
Adoniram Judson and three Burmese converts have the first Burman prayer meeting.
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Johanne Henrietta Christensen (Died – 7 Nov 1940)
Johanne Henrietta Christensen a midwife and nurse from Denmark who served with the American Presbyterian Mission in Siam/Thailand, for almost twenty years, died on 7 November 1940. To learn more about Johanne Henrietta Christensen click here.
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10-John Ebenezer Marks (Died 15 Oct 1915)
John Ebenezer Marks an Anglican priest, teacher and missionary; died on 15 October 1915. Few men had more of an impact, although controversially, in the growth and outreach in the history of the Myanmar (Burma) church. You can learn more about John Marks in his book Forty Years in Burma by
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10-Kate N. Fleeson (3 October 1887)
On 3 October 1887, Katherine (Kate) Neville Fleeson was appointed to the Siam field by Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions. You can learn more about Kate Fleeson by clicking here.
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